Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Mexican,... Texas,... Mexico,... MexTex,.. TexMex,.. Mexas,...Texican!,...

Some time ago, I read a book,... well to be honest I didn't complete it as it was rather boring. But the point is that the book was a bout a story that developed in Texas just after its anexation to the States, or in other words just after gringos invaded the land, killed the original owners, for then claim that Mexicans were a danger to their stability,.. (actually that is the sort of line they always use to invade and steal from other countries),...

The problem was that due to geographical and historical reasons gringos in Texas couldn't get rid of Mexican population,...and against their purposes population mixed and more importantly, a light version of Mexican culture prevailed,.. in that book the author called 'Texicans', which was a way of saying that neither of the two cultures dominated each other but they mixed together and were, in a way, inseparable.

So far, so good,... now Burger King is launching a campaign for their new burger,.. the Texican,.. which actually tastes exactly the same than the others [horrible in its versions with/without chile]and also they used a dwarf-like brown actor who dresses the flag and uses a wrestling mask. Which is not original really, it remind me a version of ‘NACHO LIBRE’. On the other hand, the gringo,.. well is just a cowboy gringo,…

The situation is that Mexican politicians made waves by complaining about the usage of the Mexican stereotype. So, ok they are not happy about that. They say is offensive and degrading towards Mexican image.

Of course I somehow agree with that statement. And I also agree that Burger King should not use stereotypes as is offensive. But what bothers me is not the fact that the stereotype exists, as there is little one could do about it; but the racism implicit in it, and it has little to do with Mexicans only.

Else, Mexican government of the last 8 years which was supposed to be the government that changed old practices, is composed by members of the ‘Partido Accion Nacional’ the ultra right wing party. This party has used racism constantly within the electoral campaigns. Moreover, affiliates to that party always behave in a way that in reality creates a system that divides: an apartheid.

At grass level this system holds onto a mixture of racism and classism where by being short and brown people are considered to be inferior with less political rights, their role in society is to obey, and pay. On the contrary, European types are considered by themselves with the natural right to govern,… waste to say that much of the corruption starts just there. Contradictorily, the vast majority of Mexicans are brown ‘mestizo’ and before the eyes of outsiders they all look the same.

This following video is just a sample of how that division actually works, there is a group of demonstrators who are supporting Andres Manuel lopez Obrador, they are passing by and a woman whose political preference is PAN (It is inferred by the stamp on the windscreen of her car) started shouting at them, she uses all the racism she can, and then ask the police to support her against the protestors,…

So, Mexican government should make sure that racism is ended among them first, and then perhaps could ask everyone else to do so.

All this make me think about consuming pizza instead,... but after further consideration I ruled that option out as well,.. and the reasons,.. well,... here are some of them,..


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