Wednesday, April 15, 2009

some few issues,..

After a long,.. long,.. long,.. period of inactivity; I decided to come back and start reporting about what is happening in Mexico and other issues. So I ssupose I could start by noticing that Obama is coming to town,... and of course Mexico City is upside down. Well I'll report about it later on, now I want ot comment on a docuemtary I saw last night in channel 4 (I think).

It is a following up documentary of father Oliver O'grady, who raped a huge number of children in the States, was jailed for about 8 years, and now is free in Ireland. Few posts ago I uploaded another docuemntary about his story and how he was protected by the Vatican,.. well this latter one shows the struggle of some of the victims in their search for justice.

here is the docuemtnary,..

Well I think that is a well known story elsewhere,.. in Mexico Cardinal Norberto Rivera has covered some of these cases and was also accused in the States but unlike Cardinal Royer Mahony the court found itselft with no jurisdiction to bring him to court.